The Getaway Threesome Gay Massage

Joel and Lex booked a trip at The Marmont Hotel & Spa on a whim. The hotel was a short two-hour drive away and the men desperately needed a mini-holiday. Their relationship spanned the majority of the last decade and daily stresses and life in general left little time for them to be intimate. Joel read listicle after listicle on ways to spice up one’s love life. These were stupid, vague pieces which were geared toward breeders. They served as trivial reading on his morning commute. Sex became a mere afterthought to Lex at this point. He knew the typical trajectory of most long-term relationships consisted of an intense falling in love and fizzled out to become more like best friends. He was okay with this as he knew someone always in your corner is better than someone always in your bed. This trip would be a time for them to unwind and reconnect.

On the trip to the hotel, they listened to an audio book the length of the journey. As the story unfolded, the narrator voiced a particularly apt description of the hero showering. He described the a man with a slender build and muscular thighs. He lathered his strong chest and arms and thought about fucking the cop he had just encountered. The voice-actor’s voice lustfully described the hero’s fantasy. This got Lex hard. Joel noticed a bulge in his husband’s pants. He grabbed the bulge and squeezed it tight. Lex averted his gaze from the road and looked at Joel’s hand and raised his eyes up his arm and into Joel’s eyes. Joel released his grip slid his hand further down and gripped harder. Lex sighed and wet his lips with his tongue. Joel unzipped his own jeans and popped out his throbbing cock. He created a ring out of his pointer-finger and thumb and tugged at the skin under his cock’s head. Lex watched as Joel continued to grope him. Joel arched his neck back in pleasure, closing his eyes. Lex removed his right hand from the steering wheel and took over Joel’s dick. When Joel leaned back forward and opened his eyes, he realized a semi-trailer truck had matched their speed. The driver of the taller truck had pulled next to them and looked into their sedan.

“We have an audience,” Joel said to Lex with a grin.

Lex lowered his head and peered out of the passenger window. He saw the driver looking at Joel’s cock then back to the road and then once more at Joel. He laughed before spitting into his right hand. He slid his wet palm up and down Joel’s thick shaft. Joel looked to the driver of the truck and noticed the man’s right hand was in his lap and the trucker wanked with them. He looked back to his own lap as he was getting close. Lex sped his hand until he squeezed out Joel’s jizz. The cum splashed onto Joel’s face and into his open, moaning mouth. The narrator continued, describing the showering man fingering his asshole.

“Fuck!” Joel exclaimed.

Lex continued rubbing him, letting the cum lube up his partners dick and beginning to froth on his cock’s head. Joel’s hand had moved into Lex’s pants and he jerked him off under their cover. Lex almost swerved the car when he came. He watched the road and maintained lane as Joel worked the juice out of him. He came with such pressure, his cum leaked through the fibers of his jeans and a pale stream ran from his pants onto the driver’s seat. Lex licked the cum off of Joel’s hand and wiped it dry on his damp jeans. Joel put his now, semi-limp cock back into his pants and the truck driver sped ahead, seeming disappointed the show had ended.

By the time the couple arrived at The Marmont, the cum had dried into Lex’s jeans leaving a stiff stain on them. Joel took pride in the stain as the two men grabbed their overnight bags from the trunk of the car. They checked in at the front desk and booked a private couples massage for the next day. Their room was comfortable and had a terrific view of the mountains. The two men removed their soiled clothes, showered and went to bed. They held one another, something they hadn’t done for a long while. The two fell fast asleep.

A light knocking on the door woke Lex. He tore the sheet off of the bed and wrapped it around his naked body. He peered through the peephole on the door and saw a uniformed young man waiting patiently.

“Hello?” Lex said through the cracked door.

“I’m your masseur. You have a couple massage scheduled for today,” the young man answered.

“That’s not until 10:00 AM,” Lex explained.

Lex looked at the clock next to the bed and it was 9:59. I haven’t slept this late in forever, he thought.

“I’m sorry we overslept,” he said.

“No worries. I can come back later,” the masseur insisted.

“Um. No, that’s okay. Could you just give us a moment?” Lex asked.

“Sure,” the boy said.

Lex noticed the folding massage tables in-tow and felt it would be cruel to leave the young man holding them, waiting in the hallway.

“Come in and sit those down, they must be heavy!” Lex said.

The masseur’s upper arms flexed as he swung the tables into the room, one in each hand. Lex held the door for him and suggested he take a seat while the couple got ready. The sound of the tables hitting the wall awoke Joel. He rolled over revealing his morning wood, stiff an tall. He squinted his eyes and realized a stranger was with them and quickly searched for the sheet to cover himself up. But, Lex still wore it.

“Sorry, excuse me,” Joel said.

He pressed his erect cock down in his hands and covered it as he retreated to the bathroom. Lex couldn’t help but laugh at the extremely awkward situation. Joel heard him laughing and began to laugh too.

“If you want to set up those tables, we’ll be just a minute. Once again, sorry,” Lex said.
“It’s really no problem,” the masseur said with a cheeky grin.

Lex joined Joel in the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Joel was brushing his teeth.

“How many people are you going to show that to this weekend?” Lex asked pointing at Joel’s cock.

Joel grinned and winked at his lover. Lex used the toilet and brushed his teeth too.

“How old do you think that kid is?” Joel asked.

“Early twenties, I’d say. Half our age at least,” he said and returned the brush to his mouth.

The men were in their late thirties, but looked good for their age. Their bodies were toned and well-maintained. Lex was a year older than Joel and his salt and pepper hair suited him. His eyes were warm amber and his morning stubble aged him little. Joel was the fairer of the two. His slim build and thick brown hair made him appear younger. Lex grabbed a bath towel and wrapped it around his waist. Joel did the same and slapped Lex’s ass as he opened the door.

“We’re all set up,” the masseur said as he rolled up his sleeves.

“Great,” Joel said as he laid on a table.

“We’re going to start face-down and then we’ll flip,” the masseur said.

Joel flipped over onto his stomach. His lower back dipped down from his shoulders to his ass. He had two small dimples just above his crack. Lex rested on the table next to him. He blew a kiss to Joel.

“Alright gentlemen. My name is Wes. If anything is uncomfortable, just let me know,” He said warming up massage oil with his hands.

He approached Lex and worked the oil into the man’s shoulders and back. He moved his hands in a circular motion. Joel watched the cute kid’s slender fingers work. Wes was just under six-feet-tall and he had long, dark hair. He had tied his hair tight on the back of his head in a mini-bun. He studied his technique at East-West University where he learned a lot about Eastern wellness practices as well as massage. He smelled vaguely of patchouli and wore a cream colored hemp bracelet. He pressed the base of his palms against Lex’s shoulder blades.

“You’re a little tight right here,” Wes assessed.

He continued pressing harder and deeper into Lex’s back. Wes straddled Lex, and stood directly over his buttocks as he tried to get the best result. Lex moaned as he felt the tension release from his shoulders. Joel felt a pull in his groin as he watched the two men. Eventually, Wes sat directly on Lex’s ass trying to get at the muscle beneath the shoulder blade. Lex figured the boy wasn’t wearing underwear, because he could feel the boy’s balls directly against his ass. He felt them sliding back and forth as the boy leaned forward and backwards. Fuck, I wish I was turned over, Lex thought. Wes got off of Lex and squeezed more oil into his hands. He started working Lex’s lower back upper buttocks. The oil gave his skin a sheen and Joel wondered what it would feel like to rub his dick on it. He had began flexing and relaxing his hard cock underneath him. He felt it grow until its tip touched his navel.

Lex also grew hard imagining the boys lubed hands on his cock or his tight ass around it. But instead of growing up towards him, he had laid down with his dick facing down toward his feet. His boner grew, he adjusted his weight to allow it to snake past his balls. Wes noticed the underside of Lex’s cock. It had grown past the cover of the towel. Wes’s eyes widened as he continued to rub. He felt his own cock getting hard. He hadn’t slept with any guys this old, but he figured these guys were hot and probably had some experience behind them. He moved his hands to the back of Lex’s smooth thighs. He worked his fingers up to his ass, letting his thumb glide up Lex’s cock. The little hairs on Lex’s arms stood, when he felt the slick finger. Wes continued up, further, to Lex’s bubble-ass. He spread the oil over his cheeks, working the oil from his crack outward to his hips. His ass felt incredibly firm. He moved his hands back down towards his knees and up under the towel, once more thumbing Lex’s cock. He kept on rubbing up and down until the towel no longer covered Lex’s ass, but instead bunched on his lower back.

Joel turned, to lay on his side. His right hand supported his head as he watched the man shine Lex’s ass. His left hand fondled his own cock slowly. Wes looked over and noticed the other man working his big cock and balls. He looked into the man’s eyes as he leaned over towards Lex’s ass. He spread his ass and ran his tongue from the head of his cock all the way down the shaft and up into his ass. Wes paused for a second, trying to remember what oil he had used. Coconut oil, yes! It is edible! He thought. He dug in and ate the man’s hole. His tongue circled his pink hole before he plunged it deep into him. Lex raised his ass pressing his ass into the boy’s face. Joel stood and walked to the two men. He put his cock in Lex’s face and Lex swallowed it, sucking it hard. The masseur watched as Joel’s cock disappeared into Lex’s mouth. He picked his face up, out of Lex’s ass. His mouth and chin were shiny with the oil. He removed his shirt, shoes and pants. He grew too excited to worry with his socks and went over to stand behind Joel.

Wes squirted more of the oil into his hands and began to massage and kiss Joel’s narrow shoulders and neck. The oil dripped down his back and over his thin torso. Joel could feel Wes’s hard-on slide between his thighs. It was also wet with the oil. The head of his cock hit the back of Joel’s scrotum. Every time Wes pressed against him, he could feel the boy’s hard nipples against his back. Wes removed his cock from in between Joel’s legs and stood next to him. Lex grabbed Wes’s cock and attempted to fit both the men’s dicks in his mouth. Wes was too big, so he jerked Joel off while he got a taste of Wes. The boy became more aggressive than Joel and really fucked his cock into Lex’s mouth. Lex surprised himself, by not gagging as Wes cut off of his airway with every thrust.

Joel grabbed the oil from Wes and rubbed some of it on his fingers. He plunged two into the boy’s tight ass. He fingered the hole, readying it. He pulled the boy’s hips toward him, removing his cock from Lex’s mouth. He plugged the boy’s with his cock. Hard, wet and fast he entered. He put his hand on the small of his back pressing it towards the floor. With his other hand, he pulled the boy’s hair. The result was the boy’s back arched. Lex got to his knees on the table and put his cock in the masseur’s face. Wes’s eyes were closed as he bounced off of Joel’s cock. Lex grabbed his chin and the boy’s eyes opened and so then did his mouth.

Wes’s hard cock bounced to and fro as Joel fucked him intensely. Joel’s hands were on the boy’s shoulders and Lex’s on his head. Lex pulled his cock from Wes’s mouth and pressed his head into his sweaty, oily balls. He rubbed them all over his young face. The boy’s eyelashes felt great on his junk. He then fisted his hand around his cock and placed his cock back where it belonged, this masseur’s mouth. Joel ran his hands from Wes’s shoulders to his chest and pinched the kid’s plump nipples. The boy moaned around Lex’s cock, talking with his mouth full. It was inaudible, but Lex saw the boy squirt cum. His hands weren’t on his cock. Joel had fucked the cum out of him and all over the carpet. Joel could feel the boys hole tighten on his cock with every spurt of warm jizz. Wes regained his control after the orgasm and once again began blowing Lex. Lex noticed a determined look in the kid’s eye. You want this load, Lex thought, I’ll put it in your ass.

Lex picked Wes’s head off of him and walked behind him. He slid his hands all over his husband’s body as he fucked the masseur. The two men kissed and Joel held his breath. He was about to blow, Lex knew that face well. He grabbed his lover’s balls and squeezed them, this always gets him there. The kid cried out in pain as Joel began to cum, almost violently fucking the boy’s stretched hole. Joel deposited his cum into Wes. The boy’s cunt tightened after he pulled out. Lex could see his muscles relax and the boy began to straighten his posture.

“No,” Lex said, bending the boy back over.

“Lick it clean,” Joel instructed.

Wes licked Joel’s cock. It tasted of sweat and cum. He loved it. Lex began fucking the boy-pussy. He held his slim waist and guided the boy up and down his thick meat. After Joel decided the boy had sufficiently cleaned his cock, he bent and kissed the boy tasting his own cum and Wes’s ass on his lips.

“I’m close!” Lex warned.

The tendons in Lex’s neck and his pecs tightened and he turned bright red. Sweat rolled down his chest. He yelped with every pump of cum. He stayed inside the boy for a few moments, letting himself recuperate. He kissed the boy on the back before removing his. He then kissed and hugged his husband.

“Now, that was a great massage,” Wes said.

The men laughed and Wes began to dress himself.

“One last thing before our hour’s spent,” Lex said.

Lex lifted Wes onto the massage table, and sat him over the hole in the table where the face usually rests. He laid himself under the table, his face a couple of feet from the young man’s used ass.

“You wasted cum earlier,” he said.

“I’m sorry?” Wes asked, confused.

“When you came earlier, you let it drip into the carpet.”

“Oh yeah. I couldn’t help it,” Wes explained.

“He’s a cum whore,” Joel joked.

“I want you to squeeze our loads out of your cunt and into my mouth. Jerk off while you do it. Then, I want yours in my mouth,” Lex said.

Joel grabbed some oil and lubed the boy’s cock up. His dick grew rigid as Joel wet it. Wes bit his bottom lip and squeezed his ass. Nothing. He squeezed again and cum began to rain down on Lex. Once more he pressed, and more warm jizz fell into Lex’s hungry mouth. He sat up and licked the boy’s raw hole. He continued to tongue him while Joel tugged his dick.

“Mmmm,” Lex said as he ate.

“I’m gonna blow,” Wes blurted.

Lex took his tongue from the kid’s hole and positioned himself in range of Wes’s cum. Joel tickled Wes’s balls and the kid watched as white fuck-juice sprayed Lex’s face. Lex wiped the cum from his cheeks and chin into his mouth and licked his fingers. Wes took his still- cumming cock from Joel and began working it very fast.

“I’m gonna cum again, Fuck!” He exclaimed.

Wes came again, the third time this morning. The cum sprayed Lex’s face again and the thin jizz ran down his face and onto his chest. He massaged the sweet juice into his tits and torso.

“Bravo!” Joel shouted.

After Wes left, the two men laid naked in the bed. Their bodies tangled together in a loving embrace. They felt closer than they had in years.