Massage for Massage

Leo never used hook-up apps or services, but today he didn’t feel like going out to a club or anything like that. His work week had been tremendously difficult and he wanted to unwind. After reading he news and a cup of coffee, he opened up his web browser and did a search for ‘stress relief.’ A listicle popped up and he clicked on the link to read its suggestions. It provided a few obvious suggestions, ‘meditation, a hot bath, massage, sex.’ Leo liked the prospects of the last two suggestions. A good fuck always helped him de-stress. He searched for massage services. The few that the search returned were all associated with brick and mortar establishments. Leo didn’t feel like leaving his apartment. He thought of looking on community sights or web boards. He typed in a popular sight for people living in West Hollywood.

Most of the ads were for escort services and others more explicitly sex. He scrolled for half an hour before he clicked on a link that read, ‘Professional Massage by the Hour.’ A thumbnail size picture of a cute guy holding his dog appeared to the right of the body of text. He described his style of massage as deep tissue and he had a mobile massage table he would bring with him. Leo thought this would be the perfect choice. He submitted a message, ‘My name is Leo and I live in West Hollywood. Would you be available later today for a session?’ He provided his contact information and an address.

While he waited for the masseuse’s response, he decided to pick up around his apartment. His hellish week left little time for attention to his apartment. As he tossed out take out boxes, he heard a ding sound coming from his phone. He opened the alert followed by the message, ‘Hi Leo, I’d be happy to drop by later today. How does 5:00 sound? It will be $75/hr. Please have cash. Looking forward to it, Mark.’ Leo speedily responded, ‘Awesome see you @ 5:00.’ He looked at the clock on his phone and realized Mark would arrive in two hours. He cleared a space in his living room where he thought the table would fit best. Leo found a stack of old head-shots on the bookshelf he rearranged. He threw them into the recycling without a second thought. Leo moved to Hollywood to pursue acting, after two years falling flat, he became a personal assistant. Each casting call he heard the same things over and over, too good looking for television or too short to model. Leo was just under six feet tall and this seemed preposterous to him. After PA’ing, Leo became a producer on a broadcast television series and found a good deal of success. He checked the time and realized he’d better get ready.

Leo’s ebony hair turned blacker underneath the stream of a shower head. He fit in a couple of hours swimming laps each week. The exercise paid off. His legs were long and lean. His stomach was flat and his chest fit. He lathered the hair under his arms, his groin and his backside before rinsing the suds off. He toweled himself off, inadvertently giving himself a semi-hard-on. He wrapped the towel at his waist and began to shave his face. After his face had been shaved smooth as marble, he loosened the towel and looked down at his crotch. He thought there would be no need to shave up front and turned his back the mirror in front of him. He allowed the towel to fall to the floor and spread the cheeks of his ass. He looked over his left shoulder to examine his crack. He felt it would be good measure to check the state of his goodies. With everything trimmed and ready, he dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt.

After returning a few emails, he heard a knock on his door. His heart jumped up against his chest. He couldn’t wait for a good rub down.

“Hi, I’m Leo. Come in,” he said inviting Mark in.

“Mark, nice to meet you,” the man extended a hand a gave a firm shake.

As Leo closed his door, he looked over the young man. He suspected the man to be in his early twenties. He had a cute butt and broad shoulders. He wore a tight sleeveless shirt and nylon shorts.

“Where should I?” Mark gestured awkwardly with the heavy table in his hands.

“Oh right, sorry. Just over there,” he pointed to the space in the living room.

Mark set the table on the floor and rotated the shoulder it had been strapped to. He stretched his neck from left to right.

“Looks like you need to be the one on that thing,” Leo joked.

“No, I’m fine. This thing is just a bit unwieldy,” he said, and smiled a handsome smile.

Mark began to unfold the legs of the table and erect the structure. Leo felt sort of weird just watching and decided to grab some clean towels.

“Ah, you read my mind,” Mark said as he spread one towel neatly over the table.

“I used to be a personal assistant. Always thinking a step ahead,” Leo felt stupid for telling Mark.

“There ya go. What would you like today?”

“I’ve been pretty stressed lately. Just looking to relax a bit.”

“So we’ll work on your shoulders and neck?”

“Yeah, I seem to carry a lot of tension there.”

“Got it. You can undress now. Or get in a towel. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Leo felt some chemistry between himself and Mark. He decided to go for it, be bold. He pulled his shorts off on the spot and pulled his shirt off after. Mark eyed his naked body, admiring Leo’s big package. Leo positioned himself on the table. He rested on his front and waited for Mark to start. The faint smell of lavender and eucalyptus wafted in the air. The aroma intensified when Mark’s oily hands began to rub Leo’s shoulders. His hands slid easily and a sheen began to coat Leo’s upper back. Leo felt his shoulders ease and relax. Mark worked under the left shoulder blade with elbow. The initial pain of it resulted in a release tension built beneath it. Leo felt better already. Mark worked his thumbs down Leo’s spine feeling each vertebrae. At the base of his spine, he massage with his fingers at a sharp angle. His gaze gravitated to Leo’s ass. Pressure began to build in his crotch. His nylon shorts didn’t conceal it, soon a bright red tent of fabric stood out. Leo laid on the right side of his face and began to fall asleep. The stress from his week massaged away. He began to dream of winning an achievement award.

After Mark was done with the lower back, he walked to the other side of the table. He peered down at Leo’s slack face and realized his client was out. He yanked on the elastic band of his underwear and his long cock flopped free. It hung low from the left leg of his shorts. He slid his hand under his shaft and began to slowly lube it with the massage oil. His breathing grew deeper as he walked back to Mark’s ass. He lightly ran his middle finger up and down the silky smooth crack. It made him harder. He felt the slightly raised lips of his hole and let his finger warm it. He took his hand off of his wet prick and used it to lift Leo’s leg and pull it to him. This allowed him to carefully extract Leo’s penis. He pulled out between his legs, his balls sat on top of it near his asshole. With a feather-touch, Mark rubbed up and down the underside. Leo shifted his weight in his sleep and Mark paused. After a moment, he continued watching Leo’s knob grow long and fat. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out of his lips, flicking it just below the head. Mark slowed the fist that held his own cock, he didn’t want to cum yet. Mark began to wake, something felt extraordinary. He hummed a moan as he woke. He realized where he was and then registered Mark’s exposed dick.

“What’s going on?” Leo asked.

“Roll over,” Mark instructed.

Leo cracked a wide smile as he turned over on the table. His cock stood at attention. Mark doused it in oil and straddled Leo on the table. He ripped the shorts and underwear open. He leaned forward and violently kissed Leo on the mouth. Leo watched as Mark mounted him. He saw his cock disappear into a hot, firm cave.

“Oh my god,” Leo whispered.

“Mmmm you like that?”

Leo thrust his hips up as Mark fell causing himself to go balls deep inside the man. Mark’s cock bounced from his stomach and slapped against Leo’s like a diving board. Mark gyrated his hips and Leo slid around his insides.

“Fuck…” sang.

Mark took hold of his cock and began bouncing harder and faster on Leo’s. He was ready to cum. A slapping noise filled the living room and the legs of the table began to shake and shimmy. Mark felt a hot load coat his and slide from it. The white juice slide down Leo’s big cock. Leo fucked it squarely back into him until he say Mark’s eyes turn up into his skull. Leo opened his mouth wide and warm jizz flew into it. He swallowed the salty delight as Mark fed it to him. Mark sat low on him for a beat before lifting up and off. Leo felt the firm grip of Mark’s ass as he slid out of him.

Mark dried himself with the towel before asking, “Can I borrow these?” he lifted Leo’s shorts in the air.

“Sure,” he said and plopped his head back down against the table.
“This session is on me,” Mark said.

Job Hunting

Nate Green managed hedge funds in Manhattan. He had equal charm and business savvy. In the next two hours, he had to conduct for interviews for a new position in account management. He hated the fact that the interviews took so long, he could usually tell if someone was a good hire in a matter of seconds, but HR made him be polite and conduct the interview until its end. The first three candidates were unimpressive and under qualified. The fourth candidate was also under qualified, but not unimpressive.

“Tom, I know this is a cliché interview question. But, where do you see yourself in two years?” Nate asked.

“I don’t know. I’m fresh out of school and positions for people at my age and experience are limited. I’d like a chance to grow with a company. They would train me specifically to utilize my talents and I’d be a huge asset for it.”

“That’s a pretty good answer,” Nate paused, “I’m going to be frank with you, you’re not a good fit for this position.”

“I appreciate your candor,” Tom replied.

“I do however, have a proposition for you.”


“Would you join me at my penthouse later this evening?”

Stunned, Tom didn’t know how to react. He dropped his eye contact with Nate and looked into his lap. Nate waited in silence for an answer.

“What for?” Tom asked his pitch heightening at the end.

“Just for a chat. Nothing serious,” he said and his lips parted over his teeth.

“I guess so.”

“Marvelous, see Terry on the way out. He’ll get you my address and a form to sign. Oh, and I’ll also have him give you petty cash for travel expenses.”

“Okay. Well, thank you for your time. I’ll see you later.”

“Yes. Good day.”

Tom walked through the theater sized office and waited for Nate’s secretary to end a call.

“Must have been a good meeting?” Terry asked.

Tom nodded nervously. Terry printed of a detailed invitation to Nate’s home. It specified the time and casual attire. He used a small key to open a black box and pulled five, crisp one-hundred-dollar bills from it. He locked the box and handed it to Tom.

“Don’t be late. Mr. Green is very particular. Sign here,” he said handing a hot piece of freshly printed paper.

Tom quickly skimmed the document and it was a standard non disclosure agreement. He hesitated, but then signed. He figured the money could pay for the next two months of student loans. He pocketed the money as he rode the elevator down. He had a weird feeling in the pit of his gut.

On the sidewalk in front of Mr. Green’s building, he used his phone to make a call. It rung a couple of times before a friendly voice answered.

“Did you get it?” she said.

“No. He told me in the interview,” Tom said.

“That’s to bad man. Next time.”

“Well, he invited me to his home.”

“What!? Nate Green invited you to his place?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I’m going to go through with it.”

“You’re getting a private sit-down with one of the most influential men in Manhattan. You have to go!” she said with zeal in her voice.

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve known you for six years. You are always like this. You get something handed to you and because it didn’t feel like it was difficult enough to get, you don’t take it. You need to take it. Trust me.”

“Okay. But, if shit gets weird, I’m holding you accountable.”


He ended the call and decided to heed his friend’s advise. Nicole was almost always right. He checked the time and address on the invitation. He had three hours to kill and the park and the penthouse was close by. He decided to wait in Central Park until their meeting. He didn’t want to waste money on a cab or the train back to Brooklyn. Time passed as he read on a bench. He stood and walked to the address. He realized his outfit was business professional. He remembered the secretary mention particulars. He removed his tie and oxford and through them in a trash bin. His blazer looked good on the crew cut undershirt.

At a private elevator, he dialed up to Nate’s penthouse. The guard and concierge eyed him suspiciously. He flashed a boyish grin at them to ease their scrutiny. The elevator opened. It’s interior was might marble with polished silver accents. It carried him forty stories into the sky and opened. The foyer bled into the living room and the large industrial kitchen. The furniture was minimal and cleverly designed. Golden lights from New York’s skyline bathed the space in a warm, golden glow.

“Tom. How nice to see you,” Nate said holding a glass of scotch.

“Mr. Green, the pleasure’s mine,” Tom said with faux confidence.

“Please call me Nate.”

“Nate it is.”

“Come in. Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Tom said remembering an article he read that instructed young business people always to accept a nicety when offered.

Tom followed Nate to a sitting area next to a curated bookshelf. On a bar cart, Nate poured two fingers of the scotch from a crystal decanter. Tom took the drink and waited for Nate to sit before sitting himself. He squirmed in the chair and waited anxiously for Nate to speak.

“You know I’m a busy man.”

“Absolutely,” Tom said realizing there were no other guests in the penthouse.

“I’m not the easiest person to be around and in turn, I’ve not many real friends. People say their a friend, but they’re actually just after a donation or handout. You understand?”

“I think so.”

“I’m fine with solitude, but there are some things I miss. People under estimate the necessity of human touch. It’s vital.”

Nate watched as Tom took a large fortifying sip of the scotch. He tried to gage Tom’s reaction. He wondered if he had made a huge mistake. He took a sip from his own glass.”

“I think people just need other people sometimes. Many say they don’t but they actually do. New Yorkers complain about the crowds all the time, but that’s what makes the city great. We’re all fighting it together.”


Tom had experimented with guys in college. He liked both men and women, but saying your straight is just easier. He found Nate attractive. His authoritative tone put him at ease. He didn’t want to jump the gun on where he thought this conversation was heading so he held his tongue.
“You remind me of my dorm mate back in my Yale days. We had a special connection.”

“I see,” Tom replied.

“I’d like it very much if you could just touch me. Not sexually, necessarily, but more of a massage.”

Tom thought it over and the prospect became real that this might devolve into some sort of prostitution. He wasn’t sure if he was okay with that. He looked into Nate’s big eyes and hooked nose. His salty hair brushing the top of his glasses.

“Okay. I can help you out.”

“That’s wonderful,” Nate stood and extended his free hand.

The men shook hands as Tom stood from his own chair. He followed Nate into his bedroom. Nate removed his shirt and pants, but left on his boxers and socks. He looked smaller without all the suiting. His body was handsome compact, elegant. Tom waited for instruction and took another sip of his drink.

“I thought I might lay on the bed and you could massage my back.”

Tom nodded and sat the drink down on a glass table. He waited for Nate to get situated on the bed and stood next to it. He tried to reach from there, but it felt awkward. He climbed onto the bed and sat over Nate on his knees. Nate exhaled hard as Tom began rubbing his shoulders. He was too nervous to get aroused, but Tom admired the man’s strong shoulder structure. His back felt tight and Tom used his thumbs to pry it from itself.

“That feels great. Right there,” Nate asked.

Tom continued in the area before working down near the man’s sides. He felt ribs and moved his fingers back, closer to the spine. After several minutes of back work, Tom’s hands grew tired. He apologized and Nate understood, he wasn’t a professional after all. Tom stretched his hands open and closed. Nate waited patiently.

“Okay, I’m good.”

“Do you feel comfortable with my legs?” Nate asked.

Tom shuffled lower on the bed, just below Nate’s knees. He worked the area of the lower thigh first. Working his way up the leg, he leaned forward. The loose fitting boxers provided a glimpse of Nate’s smooth, supple ass. Two domes under pinstriped fabric. Tom sat up straighter and moved to the other leg. He couldn’t help but to look.

“Thank you that was lovely,” Nate said breaking Tom’s stare, “Would you like a turn?”

“That’s alright I’m fine.”

“I insist. It’s more for me than you,” Nate admitted.

Tom removed his blazer and undershirt revealing a thin frame. His chest was mostly flat and his arms had a decent girth. He removed his trousers. His briefs were powder blue and snugly fit. For an unknown reason, Tom straightened his hair before laying down face first on the bed. The bed smelled of warm spice and chamomile. Nate grabbed his left arm and began pressing into the back of it moving up to his armpit. He switched to other side of the bed and repeated. He then massaged Tom’s nimble feet and it felt incredible.

“May I get on the bed to do your back?”

“You’re excellent at this. Please,” Tom said with a laugh.

Tom felt a gentle weight lower on his butt. He felt the cotton fabric of Nate’s shorts near his waist. Nate leaned forward to reach for Tom’s shoulders. Tom could feel his junk through the thin fabric press at the top of his ass. Nate began to massage and the thoughts left Tom. Nate magically relieved the stress and tension from his entire back. He couldn’t remember a time his back had been so pain free. After he finished with the deep tissue, Nate lightly let his fingers brush over his back like ten paint brushes. Tom pressed his ass cheeks together tight and pivoted at his waist. This applied light pressure against Nate’s cock. He lowered down to the bed feeling his cock press into it. He kept pressing up until his felt Nate’s cock grow rigid and poke into him. Nate rocked his hips, letting his dick slide against Tom’s crack. The front fabric of his boxers absorbed precum into them as the to men humped. The head of Tom’s cock slid to and fro on the light blue fabric. He felt a gush of heat against his anus. Nate began to moan as he unloaded a thick load onto Tom. Still working his wet sticky ass, Tom pumped his cock hard against the bed until a jizz exploded and filled his briefs. The two men laid and relished in the their wet, cum soaked underwear for a beat.

Tom sat up on the bed in front of Nate. He looked him in the eyes before giving him a long, warm hug. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.