Couple’s Massage

Kyle booked a massage. He tipped a bellboy to tell him who would put out. He had been given the name, Allen and to mention the word ‘deluxe package’, when making the appointment. A loud knock on the door alerted him.

“I’m here to give the massage,” a hunky man said.

“Great, you can set up over there.”

Kyle watched in anticipation as the sexy masseuse rolled in a massage table. He liked the way his shorts hugged his ass and when he bent over showcased his bulge. He could make out the straps of a jock strap and licked his lips. He didn’t feel a hint of guilt for cheating on his partner. He’d been neglected for too long.

“I’m going to take a quick shower and I’ll be right out,” Kyle said.

Allen pulled back the shower curtain slowly. Kyle stood in the steam stroking his cock. Kyle’s eyes met Allen’s and Kyle motioned with his head for Allen to enter. Allen looked down at his wristwatch assessing the time and how far behind he already was. He had three more massage appointments after Kyle. Then, he returned his gaze to Kyle’s long, beautiful dick. He kicked off his shoes and began to undress.

“I think you were looking at this earlier,” Allen said.

He turned his back to Kyle and peeled off the tight white shorts. Kyle slowed his hand, this man’s ass demanded cum. He stepped out of the jock-strap and his hard-on liberated itself from the undergarment, slapping Allen on the thigh. Allen didn’t have Kyle’s length but he did have serious girth. He held his cock as he entered the shower and neared Kyle. Kyle pulled him close  and lightly tongued his mouth. He ran his wet hands across the smooth, supple skin of Allen’s lower back and ass. Kyle thought of nothing but eating the man out. He turned Allen around so that his head sat below the water from the shower head. The warm water trickled from his back all the way to his crack where it was interrupted by Kyle’s wide, pink tongue. Kyle rimmed Allen’s ass like it would be the last time. His butt had so much strength and mass and he could bury his face into it. Kyle took Allen’s left butt cheek in his left hand the other in the right, spreading them to expose a rose colored hole. Kyle used both his tongue and nose to caress Allen’s cunt. He would alternate from cheeks spread when he could get deep, to cheeks closed so that the front of his face was buried in Allen. Allen had had some eager-backside-eaters in the past, but he couldn’t think of another with such creativity and stamina. He even joked about ‘coming up for air,’ but either Kyle ignored him or didn’t hear him because he continued for another ten minutes.

“Fuck. I could do this all day,” Kyle said.

“I think I’m turning to a prune, do mind if we finish in the bedroom?”

“Sounds great!” Kyle said as he made his way to the bed and laid spread-eagle for Allen. .


Allen had to take a piss and let the door cracked as he did. Kyle heard a click of the card key for the room. Tye enters, flustered and sets his laptop bag down. Allen grabs the tip of his penis to stop the flow, hoping he hadn’t been heard.

“HI TYE, MY BOYFRIEND! What are you doing back here so early?” Kyle asked loudly, aiming his voice to Allen.

“Fucking meeting cancelled at the absolute last minute. Don’t people understand that my time’s valuable too?” he said trailing off before noticing the massage and finally his naked lover, “Wow! What’s occasion?”

“Oh, I just got out of the shower and laid here a minute. Naked. Because, I don’t really ever do that,” he explained nervously.

“You should do this more often, sexy! Can I join you?” Tye asked as he climbed on top of Kyle.

Tye is very tall and lean. He ran cross-country in college and the runner’s physique stayed with him. His hair is side parted dark black with a few flecks of grey. The steely grey in his stubble brings out the blue in his eyes. He undresses on top of Kyle as he kisses Kyle’s chest and neck. He bites his ears as he grabs Kyle’s prick. After removing his dress shirt, Tye slides down the middle of Kyle’s torso and swallows his cock. He takes it so deep, Allen could physically see the bulge of Kyle’s cock in Tye’s throat. Allen began to get hard watching the two men. And began to finger his ass. Kyle had prepared it well. He arched his head back as he plunged two fingers deep inside himself.

“Oh fuck baby, let me grab the lube, I want you to fuck me”, Tye proclaimed

Tye stood and headed for the bathroom. Allen, preoccupied with his own bits didn’t realize Tye approached. Tye opens the door and spots Allen trying to jump into the shower and hide.

“What the fuck? There’s some guy in here watching us. Who the fuck do you think you are?” Tye yelled.

“Allen,” he said.

“I was screwing him when you came home. Leave him alone this is all on me,” Kyle said.

Tye’s eyes widen and his cheeks flushed red. He asks Allen to go wait in the bedroom. Allen would have left the room for good, if Tye hadn’t been standing on his spa uniform. Tye released a pent-up sigh.

“I’m sorry,” Tye said, “I know this year’s been tough on you. I can’t be mad at you.”

The two men kissed and hugged. As they kissed their flaccid dicks rubbed back and forth against another.

“Plus this guy’s sexy as fuck. How could you blame me?” Kyle joked.

After waiting a beat, Tye took Kyle’s hand and led him into the bedroom. He pushed Allen down gently on the bed. Tye dropped to his knees and began to suck on Allen’s thick meat. Kyle rubbed the top of Tye’s shoulder before climbing on the bed with Allen. He swung his leg over his head and sat on Allen’s face. He gyrated on his mouth rubbing his ass up to his nose and down to his chin. The stubble on Allen’s chin felt great against Kyle’s hole. Kyle leaned forward and began to suck Allen’s cock while Tye worked his balls. Allen moaned in delight as the two men licked and sucked him off. Tye massaged his own balls as he serviced Allen’s. Kyle’s hole was wet with saliva and Allen’s tongue had relaxed it. He pivoted and squatted over Allen’s thick dick. He grabbed it and slid him into his warm asshole. His hole stretched to accommodate Allen’s girth. Tye stood and kissed his lover passionately as he bounced up and down. Tye continued towards the head of the bed where Allen’s head lay. He turned his head towards him and plunged his cock into Allen’s mouth. It felt hot and wet. Tye understood his partner’s attraction to him. Allen’s thick lips rounded over his teeth as he sucked Tye’s cock. Tye grabbed the back of Allen’s head and pressed it into his crotch. Allen held his breath as Tye’s cock entered his throat and when he was at the base of Tye’s dick, he slid his tongue out flicking it at Tye’s scrotum. Tye held himself deep in Allen’s mouth as the tickling against his balls felt incredible. Further down the bed, Kyle continued bouncing on Allen, jerking himself off, running his hand over the head off his cock.

“Fuck!” Kyle exclaimed.

Kyle’s hand squeezed harder as he gripped his cock. He moaned with every land on Allen’s dick. Finally, he sat as low as he could and he could feel Allen’s sack agains his skin. He exploded. The first spurt of jizz hit Allen’s face and showered it along with Tye’s cock. The next spurt landed on Allen’s chest, in the space between his two pecs. The third landed in Allen’s belly-button and the firth also pooled there. Allen ran his hand over his torso and rubbed the cum in. After two initial slow rubs from his chest down to his navel, he moved his hand to his left nipple and squeezed. Allen removed Tye’s cock from his mouth. His breath quickened. He breathed deeply and with every exhale whimpered as he plunged his dick into Kyle’s warm hole.

“I’m about to cum,” He warned.

Kyle held tight to the sheets as the beer-can sized cock plowed into him. Allen cried out loudly and came. The thrusts became deliberate with every release of cum. Kyle could barely take the strong blows, but bent forward, his hair soaking up his own cum on Allen’s chest. Allen relaxed, laid his hands to his sides and grinned. Tye jerked off and after Kyle and Allen recovered, got himself close. Allen sighed in delight and took Tye’s cock from him. He slid his hand up and down the veiny shaft. Kyle unmounted Allen and got behind Tye. He began eating out Tye’s ass. Allen continued pleasuring Tye’s dick and licked the tip of his cock as he ran his hand up and down. Kyle felt Tye’s hole clench tight around his tongue. Tye said something discernibly as he came. All of his muscles tightened and he ceased to breath until the final deposit of cum entered Allen’s mouth. Tye pulled out and kissed Allen’s lips. He tasted a mixture of himself and Kyle. He turned and lifted Kyle from his knees and smothered him with a kiss.

Allen went to the bathroom and toweled himself off. Kyle and Tye cuddled naked under the sheet of the bed.

“Alright, give the spa  a ring if you need anything,” Allen insisted sardonically.

Tye and Kyle laughed as the door to their hotel room closed.