Unforgettable Gay Massage

Hi there everyone!

Well, if you got here, I’m most certain you’re looking for some hot gay massage , am I right or wrong?

Well, I built this site for you to read my experiences, and others that have shared their gay massage experiences with me.

I think I’ll tell you a story about Jason. I’ve known Jason for a couple of years now. He is the person who recommended that his friend Tom to come and see me a few weeks ago. Jason is in his early 30’s. When I first saw him I thought, “Just a normal every day ‘plain John’ type. My over active sex drive would be easier to keep in check and I ‘m looking forward to doing a couples massage. So far all my work has been one member of a family. Jason, the “massage boy” is of average to medium height, about 5’6,” and weight, 140 lbs., light brown hair, greenish brown eyes; nothing outstanding or special except maybe her personality and her overly friendly and trusting attitude of others. Then again, maybe I’m speaking too soon; I shouldn’t say there is nothing special about him… or is there…?

Jason wasn’t yet 30 years old when I first met him. Jason and his friend Tom, would come to me for a massage once a month, but after several sessions, Tom shied away saying massage really wasn’t his thing and I rarely ever saw much of him after that. Jason was just the opposite and totally enjoyed being massaged, and get all oiled up by my firm hands. Jason has been coming to me on a regular basis just to “relax”… It was all innocent, and nothing was going on… It was a strictly professional relashionship we had going…

Now, without his boyfriend, Jason started to come in on a more regular basis, like weekly I would get a phone call from him requesting a massage… Obviously I didn’t mind the extra cash he was bringing, and, for some unknown reason, when he started coming for the gay massage session alone, I started looking at him in another way… Maybe, I don’t know, I was kinda getting used to his hot sexy body, nice and athletic curves… Maybe I was falling in love with this hot sexy boy. He had everything in all the right places. Firm nice butt, narrow waist, shapely hips attached to two creamy smooth legs, and, I could see he had a pretty big dick under his underwears… Everything was perfectly proportioned. As a matter of fact his whole body was creamy smooth; not a blemish. I never gave him an erotic massage before, but this time, boy… he sure gave me a woody.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story 🙂